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New to Noavelle? Read the Story!

New to Noavelle? Read the Story!
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Hello, my name is Natalia. I’m the founder of Noavelle... I designed these beautiful shoes to be deeply comfortable for dancing; but they are not just for dancers; Noavelle means comfort and style whoever you are, whatever the occasion.


So whether you have found yourself on the pages of because you dance, or because you are a lifelong comfortable-foot-couture-hunter I am very pleased to welcome you to this online space dedicated to your feet. A place where we can talk about anything and everything high heeled.


Years ago, when I first started social dancing, I was faced with a difficult dilemma when it came to my feet: pain or beauty? Why are all the comfy shoes ugly and the pretty shoes agony to wear? I wanted to move effortlessly like a skilled dancer wearing high heels but without hurting myself.So, I decided it must be my mission to fuse comfort and fashion and to create these shoes not only for effortlessly moving dancers, but also for those women who wish to wear high heels and move as effortlessly through their daily lives, family gatherings and social events.


Noavelle was born out of an obsession with comfort, a passion for elegance, and a love of dance. Shoes are extensions of our feet; they support and protect them, add character and style and make the statement we decide. Most importantly, they carry us through our lives; getting us from a to b.


Things became “easier” and “faster moving” for us when trainers were given a leading role in the fashion world, but what about the days we want to look and feel more feminine; wear dresses or perhaps sexy jeans and pair them with pretty heels?


When I was developing Noavelle this was at the forefront of my mind - If it is good for dancing, it is good for everything else! If you can dance a tango marathon in them; they will last you all night long on any occasion.


Today, the Noavelle brand has undergone seven years of serious testing on various dance floors around the world by professional and social dancers, at weddings, corporate events and on nights out. And I’m delighted to say Noavelles are not only popular amongst dancers; they are sought after by brides and corporate fashionistas, as well as ladies who gave up on the idea to be wearing high heels again and now are rediscovering them with their love for Noavelle.


Once again - Welcome to the Noavelle Community! Read, Browse, Look at the Shoes and get in touch if you have any questions or just to say hello ;)


With Love for you and for your feet, Natalia xx


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